American IP Address in Canada

American VPN Server IPYou may already have a lot of internet freedom in this country but you can benefit from getting an American IP address in Canada. If you do choose to give yourself these benefits you are recommended to do so through the virtual private network as this method gives you the best results.

Why change IP address in Canada?

There are some important reasons as to why you might want to change your address but there are also reasons that simply make your internet use more enjoyable.

•    Privacy: You don’t have to be concerned about anyone gathering your information if you are browsing the web using the US VPN IP. This is because the network encrypts the data that leaves your device. This gives you a lot more privacy online.

•    Entertainment: Yes, there are torrent sites that you can use as it is not illegal to download these files like it is in the United States. However, looking for working links on the variety of torrent sites takes a lot of time. Instead, you can use Netflix to stream American movies online or you can use Hulu to watch US television. There are plenty of websites that you can access with the private US IP address that offer unlimited levels of entertainment that you couldn’t use otherwise.

•    Opportunities: Aside from entertainment sites, there are other types that are restricted outside of the US that you can benefit from. There are sites that offer games and software not to mention those that offer jobs and marketing tools. There are many opportunities on endless levels that you can obtain by using the US VPN IP.

American VPN CanadaInstalling the Virtual Private Network

It is not difficult to install the VPN and it only takes several minutes but you do need to take the time to find the appropriate provider. There are multiple VPN service providers available. The prices range from between $6 and $20 per month with the average being about $10 per month. The price is based on the provider and the features that they offer.

When you choose a provider, make sure that you can get an American IP address in Canada plus enough bandwidth and speed for whatever you intend to do online. You do need more bandwidth and speed if you want to watch US television online or download other types of large files.

You can start the installation of the network after you pay for the service. The provider will provide you with instructions as you go along. This makes the installation much easier. As mentioned, it only takes several minutes to complete. You are notified when the network has been installed. You can then open your browser and use the new US IP address.VPN Service for Canada


Top 3 Services for an American IP Address in Canada




12VPN12VPN gives you an American IP address for the very reasonable price of $79/year. Their Personal U.S. plan connects you to a broad network of U.S. servers so you can unblock all your favorite content from American websites like Hulu and Netflix. In addition to that, you get unlimited data transfer and government-level data encryption, which makes your online experience totally secure. 12VPN also works across a wide range of operating platforms and lets you connect simultaneously from multiple devices. Their customer support is great and there’s also a seven-day, hassle-free refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied with 12VPN.

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Hide My Ass

Hide My AssAn American IP address is a must if you want to watch Netflix and Hulu. This can present a problem if you’re not actually in the U.S. However, HMA provides a solution. This affordable and powerful VPN service lets you access Hulu and Netflix while abroad by connecting you to its American servers. For as little as $6.55/month, you get an American IP address, data encryption and anonymity. HMA’s servers are all fast, but its speed guide helps you connect to the fastest ones. Best of all, HMA has a 30-day money back guarantee, so you won’t pay if you’re not totally satisfied with them.

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StrongVPN American IPAt 18 years, StrongVPN is the longest running VPN service in the business. That’s probably why they’re so affordable, with packages starting at $55/year. That price lets you access their U.S. servers, which gives you the American IP address you need to unblock sites like Netflix and Hulu from outside the U.S. Price isn’t StrongVPN’s only strength though; they also offer a lot of flexibility with their packages. You can customize your setup based on your location, your operating system and your security needs. It can seem like a lot, but StrongVPN’s helpful customer support is available 24/7 to help you figure out what fits best.

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