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American FlagWhy should I get an American IP address? There are many advantages to obtaining an American IP and a virtual private network can provide all of them to you. There are many websites that are not accessible unless you have an approved IP address. Netflix, Hulu as well as certain Youtube videos are only accessible with an American IP.

There are also whole businesses who operate with software that flag traffic as spam simply because of where it is generated. Accessing the internet from China, Iran, India, Nigeria, or other places that are infamous as being spam sources could seriously limit your access to the internet.

If you want both what American media has to provide as well as have access to American markets then a VPN is for you.  It’s basically like a temporary American identity online.  You can access forums, make comments, blog, and stream with an virtual IP address from the USA.

Travel The WorldIf you’re traveling overseas you don’t have to leave your Netflix account at home. Take it with you. 

Imagine never having to miss an episode of your favorite show.

No matter what airport you are stuck in, no matter what hotel you are  sleeping in tonight, you can have the same entertainment experience as you would at home. If you live outside the United States and are frustrated with the selection of entertainment that you are provided with, a virtual private network would be highly recommended.

Sure, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Spotify are branching out overseas, but the content available outside the USA if often only a small portion of what’s available in the USA.  What’s even worse is that it’s probably in a language you don’t understand!

[Netflix now has a Latin American, Canadian, British, Irish, Caribbean, and Scandinavian version of their service. Hulu has a Japanese version. Spotify is available in The UK, Australia, and some European countries. HBO has HBO Go UK]

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In fact, exclusive programming is another reason to unblock American sites. HBO, Hulu, and now Netflix are now creating their own shows, which you cannot view on regular television!  Hulu & Netflix also provide a way to watch cult classics without buying expensive DVD or risking malware infections and piracy lawsuits from torrent sites.



But you need to get an American IP address.


Virtual private networks are the best way to do this.

You may have heard of open proxies, or web based proxies.  These work in basically the same way, and produce basically the same poor results.  Not only will you not be able to access Netflix and Hulu through an American proxy, many types of proxies are a security risk.

Open proxies and web based proxies are shared by a huge community of anonymous users.  Most of the time, it’s impossible to know who has access to the proxy server.  Some proxy servers are even set up as ‘honey pots’, to lure unsuspecting users and gather their private data.

Encryption For SecurityVirtual private networks, usually called VPNs, are different.  They change your IP address like a proxy, but they are from legitimate businesses who provide this service.  These VPN services have servers located in different countries in the world. Many times, you’ll be able to access the entire network with one membership.  Now, most VPN services also allow for unlimited bandwidth, which means no restrictions on downloading, uploading, or streaming.

VPNs also encrypt your data, which means your online data will be secure.  Nosy neighbors, identity thieves, your government, and even your own ISP will be unable to view your activity online because all of your traffic is being encrypted and tunneled through a VPN server in the USA.

There are a variety of plans, including various lengths of contracts, pricing, and type of VPN tunnel & encryption.  Be sure to check out my picks for the Top 5 American VPN Services, or you can choose one of the Top 2 below.

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Our Top Two recommended VPN services to get an American IP address

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